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Dahlonega Mint Gold Coins 1838-1861
By Douglas Winter

The fantastic new book "Dahlonega Mint Gold Coins 1838-1861" by Douglas Winter will be ready for shipment soon, so reserve your copy today. This extensively illustrated 250+ page book is the first numismatic work which focuses on the coins struck at the Dahlonega, Georgia Mint. These coins were struck in gold dollar, quarter eagle, three dollar, and half eagle denominations. They were typically struck in very limited quantities and are extremely popular with collectors today. The book begins with an explanation of the Condition Census and rarity estimates which are found throughout the work. There is a short history of the Dahlonega Mint and a chapter which suggests methods by which to collect Dahlonega gold coins. One of the most important chapters in the book deals with the die varieties of Dahlonega gold coins. Many new varieties are listed and the compilation of these varieties is a first in the history of numismatic reseach. Each denomination includes detailed date-by-date analysis of every issue struck at this mint. Each entry begins with clear, enlarged obverse and reverse photographs of coins which are regarded as among the finest known for their respective issue. Every issue is ranked according to its overall rarity (i.e., the total number of coins known to exist) and its high grade rarity (i.e., the total number of coins known to exist in About Uncirculated and higher grades). This is followed by in-depth analysis of each issue in regard to its strike, surfaces, luster, coloration and eye appeal. Every known die variety is then listed in detail. The entry concludes with an estimate of the total number of coins believed to exist, a grade-by-grade breakdown and Condition Census which includes the five or so finest coins known to the author. The book is being released in three different variations: softcover, hardcover and leather bound. The softcover edition is priced at $25 while the hardcover edition, which is limited to just 500 signed and numbered copies, is priced at $35. A total of 25 signed and numbered leather bound copies are being produced and these are available for $100. "Dahlonega Mint Gold Coins 1838-1861" has an anticipated release date of May 15, 1997. Copies can be purchased from Hancock & Harwell P.O. Box 1014 Gainesville, GA 30503. 770-532-8783 Each order must be accompanied by $3 postage.

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